Utility Magazine

Typography & Art Direction


Utility is quarterly publication that exalts in the pursuits of the modern woman and offers thoughtful perspectives on self-expression for women who are redefining our concepts of style and femininity. 


Responding to the structure of traditional women's magazines, I acted as editor in chief, creating original verbal and visual content. I produced and art-directed 25 photoshoots over 60 days, working with a dozen photographers, as well as a host of talented stylists, makeup artists and models, to create content that spoke Utility's visual language and complimented the written content. 


Utility echos the structure and content of traditional women's magazines, but provides an alternate vision for how content about issues like fitness, the home, and fashion are discussed and presented. 


I used a simple, two and three column grid structure mimicking the bold, clean lines of mid-century architecture as a subtle reference to a time when women's interests were expected to be centered around the home. By referencing this structure, my aim is to support interests that have been seen as traditionally feminine, while asserting a bold vision for the way women are able to express themselves in the 21st century.