Link Lightrail

Branding & Wayfinding


The Puget Sound region leads the world in a multitude of fields including technology, design, and healthcare—and boasts one of the most livable and natural cities on the planet. Positioned between two impressive mountain ranges and myriad water sources, one does not go long without a striking view of this wondrous natural region.

Seattle's mass transit system needed a brand identity to match the dynamic nature of the region's built and natural environment. 


As this community centered identity would need to meet the needs of a complex client base, we approached the project with a firm understanding of the regional historical context by visiting museums and interviewing members of Seattle's diverse population. 

The ultimate brand concept employs a dynamic logo system, whose form and function are derived from the geographic and cultural landscape of the region. 


The brand's foremost job is to aid in sheparding thousands of riders  as they find their way through the city each day. To meet this critical demand, we chose a color system whose base provides high contrast, and allows additional colors to communicate distinct information. As such, black and white were used most liberally, while additional colors are used to guide riders to corresponding lines. 



Similiarly, we selected a Neu Haas Grotesque (designed by Max Miedinger) because of it's optimized spacing, proprotions and weight. The consistent horizontal stroke terminals, large x-height, and tight letter spacing allow the face to be used with maximum legibility at all times. The warmth and human quality retained in letters such as the R, are a subtle reference to the core brand commitment. 

Over a ten-week period I collaborated with a classmate to re-brand the Seattle Link Lightrail. We developed brand pillars, and  designed a comprehensive brand including developing a logo, brand guidelines, and applications for the brand for print, web, and physical space. We art-directed photography, working with Christian Anderson to develop a beautiful photographic style. 

Role: Creative Direction/Production   Collaborators: Joseph Lambert   Photography: Christian Anderson